Our inbound call center services include live toll-free telephone support, order taking services, real-time email response, and live online chat - each specifically designed to complement the other so you can drive more sales, increase average order sizes, and enhance your customer service.

CTI understands that your business is always changing. That is why we have designed our multi-channel call center services to provide you with maximum flexibility. We have a large pool of qualified agents who can quickly adapt to your needs. Our call center outsourcing solutions combine our fully trained, sales-focused inbound call center agents with innovative and industry leading call center technologies, boosting your sales and increasing the return on your marketing investment.

Overflow Call Management

Are you equipped to handle the typical spikes in volume that many call centers receive throughout the day? Is your abandoned call rate too high? Are your hold times longer than your customers will accept? Improve your customer service and increase efficiency in your call center by outsourcing your overflow call management to CTI.

This solution can improve call center efficiencies by allowing calls to overflow to CTI when call volume exceeds your present capacity. This means you can take the peak off of "peak-times" during regular business hours, or eliminate the inefficiencies involved in staffing your call center after-hours. Simply put, you can maximize the utilization of your staff without worrying about long hold times and abandoned calls.

Our fully web-enabled call center can allow us to handle calls just as you do to minimize messages and data re-entry. Our data integration team can also integrate directly into our clients' computers and data sources.

We can provide seamless business process integration between our call center and our clients' regular business operations to become a fully functional extension of your Call Center. Call now to find out how you can save time and money by outsourcing with CTI.