CTI offers customized and cost effective outbound solutions to meet your unique needs. We have a team of professionals ready to pick up the phone and speak to your customers or the community on your behalf.

Whether you need a telemarketing team to perform complex customer surveys, a strategic marketing program to improve customer growth through cross selling, or a cold-calling initiative to generate more customer leads — CTI has the expertise to deliver a solution that suits your specific needs and put you on the road to success. We excel at a wide range of outbound calling programs, including:

At CTI, each campaign begins with close consultation and analysis to understand your business, the overall objective of your outbound campaign, and what you are trying to accomplish. We also take time to help edit your script to ensure your goals are being met while enabling our call center agents to work at the highest level of efficiency. Next, we train our agents on your specific campaign, your products and services, any possible objections, and the best approach to take with your target customer or audience.

Once your campaign has started, CTI and our call center agents will continue to refine the program. We will constantly search for new ways to make your program more efficient, increase sales, and reduce costs.

CTI will succeed at any project that requires dedicated, professional sales people or customer service reps to pick up the phone and dial. Call us today and find out how CTI can help you!